IoT Smart Gas Platform:

The first Automated Internet of Things (IoT) Platform for Smart Management of LPG Truck Refill

IoT Smart Gas platform adapts to any liquid (beverages, beer, milk, gasoline, chemical products, and gases) or gas container at any temperature on a fixed or mobile location.

If you refill your product by truck, ship, or pipe we can save you and your business time and money, while never having to worry about running out of product.

Subsidiary of iQSTEL About IoTLabs
About Us

About Us

IoT Labs Mx SAPI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of publicly listed US-based iQSTEL Inc, is a Mexico-based Internet of Things (IoT) technology development company, creator of the “IoT Smart Gas Platform ®” and Application. The IoT Smart Gas platform consists of an IoT field device installed on any LP gas tank (adaptable to virtually any gas or liquid storage tank) which, with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology connectivity via Sigfox or GSM network, allows for remote management and improved logistic refilling processes, usage tracking and tank monitoring in real-time by the Smart Gas mobile app. The new GSM tracking feature allows for mobile use including ground, air, and sea tank monitoring.

Our Solution

IoT Smart Gas is an Internet of Things (IoT) Synergic Platform:
IoT Field Device + Our Server + Our App
Our Solution
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Sigfox or GSM Coverage.
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GPS Tracking Location.
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AI data analysis for marketing and equipment performance.
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2-years Battery Life.
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Suitable for any gas or liquid, at any temperature.
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Examples: LPG, beverages, beer, milk, gasoline, chemical products, and gases.


  • Constant and Real-time Product Availability. You will never run out of product.
  • 24/7 Real-time monitoring of product stock. You won’t need to keep monitoring your stock of product.
  • Automatic Truck fulfillment. Our Platform will take care of sending you the truck for refilling your product.
  • Product fulfillment reporting via email or SMS.
  • Real-time availability saves time and money. Optimizes the truck refill sending the truck only when is needed.
  • Human contact reduced – Important consideration in the post COVID-19 “new normal”.


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